New Interactive Loop!

2013-01-05 08:11:13 by IkuGames

I made a sex game yo, it was just an animated gif before, but now its got buttins an sheeit.

check it check it out check it out

New Interactive Loop!


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2013-01-05 14:39:39

to say the least....was expecting something experimental and non-explicit.

good luck with....whatever it is you do! mush wash eyes....


2013-02-23 15:36:14

suggestions for add ons:
-different positions
-removale of clothing


2013-04-27 15:00:08

I don't know why people continue to say that women can't have hard abs. I like the game very much, even the girl's physiognomy, love the retroprospective window in the up-right of the screen. Maybe next time you could do more options like where cum, different positions and the only little bad thing are the tits that must be placed a little bit down because it seems they started from the collarbones.
In conclusion: good job man, hope you will do new games like this. ;)

IkuGames responds:

That is really nice of you, thanks. It was my first interactive game, and people don't seem to get that I do these characters by commission, and they sometimes request the characters with that kind of physique. If you like it, look forward to my new interactive game. It doesn't have 'more' options but I would like to make much more detailed games in the future.


2013-04-28 21:37:21

Ok then. I'll follow you! :)