livestreaming (18+) (sunday)

2013-05-03 19:58:04 by IkuGames

Here it is, the last livestream of the weekend. Everyone has been really great, and I would like to continue doing these in the future. I'm beginning a new job tomorrow, so it remains to be seen if I will be able to stream next weekend or not. But I'm going to try to!

We will be listening to podcasts about aliens and psychedelic drugs s/2076043

livestreaming (18+) (sunday)


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2013-05-03 20:53:17

I'm already there!


2013-05-04 04:18:23

I missed it. :/


2013-05-04 18:00:39

ive seen those shitty advertisements using your art to sponsor there shitty websites, wonder if you sold it or they stole it...


2013-05-05 23:58:50

His balls are so wrinkly... O_O

(Updated ) IkuGames responds:

those are power wrinkles!