My New Game is Out! + Banned from Livestream

2013-07-20 18:42:41 by IkuGames

Hey go out and play my new game, Phantasy Slut Nassandra if you haven't already!

Also you may be sad to hear that I have had my account deleted from Livestream. I got caught leaving my animation streams up for people to watch! I'll figure out an alternative soon enough. If anyone can recommend a good streaming site, I'd love to hear it. Until then, I'm sorry : (

I have reopened commissions on my hentai foundry profile.

Also I would love it if you followed me on Twitter

nuff said

My New Game is Out! + Banned from Livestream


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2013-07-21 00:55:15

that's weird.. suspended >.< for leaving stream ups?

IkuGames responds:

I've been busted for drawing the sperms and the porn boobies!


2013-07-21 07:44:51

Check out Gamecreds. They still work on some features, but one can freely show boobs there.

IkuGames responds:

thanks for that, It looks like it's more geared to streaming videogames, but I might try it.


2013-07-21 09:29:54

Congrats on winning the Daily 1st!

IkuGames responds:

it's amazing, thank you guys


2013-07-23 09:10:10

I've been missing them for a few weeks but that's hilarious. Congrats on the daily first. yoloswagyolo#